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FOV Calculator

This Field of View (FOV) calculator will help you setup your screens for sim racing, giving you a correct feel within the sim that will help you become faster and more consistent. Don't want to read all this? Watch my video on how to setup FOV in iRacing instead! Supported sims: iRacing, more coming soon! If this page or video helped you out, consider donating to my channel, it really helps me out and allows me to continue making these kinds of videos.

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iRacing Display Settings

Number of Screens:
Monitor width including bezel:
Visible width excluding bezel:
Viewing distance:
Field of View when driving:

iRacing Camera Settings

Once you have the above set in iRacing correctly and you have made sure your monitor angles match the above angle, you now need to make sure your horizon is set correctly, based on your height against your monitors. This will prevent warping on your side monitors.

Warping Example

If your eye line to the screen is too far vertically off center, then you will need to adjust the Vanish Y.

My best tip is to jump in a car and open up the camera tools (CTRL F12). Adjust the Vanish Y, until everything across all monitors looks straight. Once you have a number that works, set only half of that number to Vanish Y.

Now we will adjust the driver head rotation (Orient P). Use this same halved number and multiply it by 0.3, this will give you the driver head rotation number. This will align the monitors to the original number that made your monitors straight, but also keep the driver's eye line to the horizon.

After Corrections

Tips to increase FOV

  • Move closer to your screens - if your using a desk and the limiting factor is pedal distance then move your desk away from the wall a few inches. This will keep your pedal distance the same but you will be closer to your monitors.
  • Move your screens closer to you - your screens need to be as close to your wheel as possible
  • Upgrade to bigger screens - 27" is best bang for your buck and look for 1-5ms response time and 144hz if your GPU can push that.