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Sim Gear / Companies I Recommend

I have used various different pieces of sim racing hardware, from pedals and rims to bases and rigs, and as such I am often asked which I recommend or have had personal experience with. So, I have partnered with some of the my favorite companies and manufacturers, which means I am able to offer coupon codes to you for some of the stores and if you purchase something using one of my links, I may earn a small commission. Note, the product will not cost you any extra, it just helps me out. I do not recommend or suggest products that I have not tried and tested for myself.


Fanatec is one of my highest recommended sim hardware creators. The first thing I purchased from Fanatec was the CSL Elite LC Pedals, which I used along side my Logitech G29. I then upgraded my wheel to the Fanatec DD2 wheel base. Both have been excellent additions to my sim rig. My next purchase will be the Podium Wheel Porsche 911 GT3 rim, for taking part in oval races. Visit Fanatec

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Fanatec DD2


I upgraded to this direct drive wheel from the Logitech G29.

Fanatec CSL Elite LC Pedals

CSL Elite LC Pedals

My first Fanatec purchase, which I used alongside my Logitech G29.

Fanatec Podium Steering Wheel Porsche 911 GT3

Podium Wheel Porsche 911 GT3

My favorite GT style wheel and personally I think looks great!

Race Anywhere

Race Anywhere are the worldwide distributor of the simrig I use, the Pro Simrig. I have the PSR1 rig, the triple monitor stand and the top monitor stand for my fourth screen. The built quality is outstanding and the customization options are endless. I have used various wheel bases, pedals, screens, webcams, lights and more, all of which have been easily supported by the rig. My whole rig is black, since my colors are black and orange, but they also come in silver!

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Pro Simrig PSR1

Pro Simrig PSR1

The strudy Pro Simrig base, I have the GTE style, so I sit nice and high on top of the base.

Pro Simrig Triple Monitor Stand

Pro Simrig Triple Monitor Stand

The freestanding triple monitor stand means the screen and webcam stay still while I'm driving like a maniac!

Pro Simrig Top Monitor Stand

Pro Simrig Top Monitor Stand

The ultimate edition, allows me to read chat and check on my stream while I am racing.

Apex Racing Academy

The Apex Racing Academy offers coaching from many pro drivers, iRacing car setups, teaching and developing your driving skills in iRacing.

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If you want to improve your driving skills and iRating in iRacing, Driver61 is the place to go! Find out more about them on my Driver61 page. Read more about the program and how it benefited me, here Driver61. If you do sign up, you can use my link below for 12% off!

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