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Driver61 Sim Racing MasterClass

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Course Overview

You can learn most of the details about the course from their site but below are the core details as well. This course will be starting during the last week of September and accepting registrations in mid-September.

Course Length - The course is a total of 5 weeks - it begins with an initial week of simply preparing the students for the training from a hardware/technical side (setting up Discord, joining iRacing hosted servers, etc.). Weeks 2-5 each have an area of focus (vision, steering, braking, grip manipulation) and include on-track exercises and live instruction.

  • Online Training - Videos and exercises delivered via a web and mobile app.
  • Seminars - A live seminar with Scott or our instructors on topics of interest (setups, Q&A, race craft, etc.)
  • Group Training - A one hour group training session (5 students to 1 instructor) on a specific track of the week.

Timezones / Scheduling - The course supports all time zones globally. Group training is held at least 15 times per weekend day so that students can select a time slot that works for them. If anyone ever misses a weekend, we always give them free training as a make-up. Our motto is that everyone will get all of their training.

Car - The course uses the MX-5, and all circuits used for instruction are included in the base iRacing subscription. It's obviously more accessible if we use the MX-5 but also, we find that slower cars better illustrate mistakes and allow students to clearly see the impacts of their technique changes.

Registration - We run a 2-3 week registration period that will be starting on September 10th. Students can sign up for the Wait List on our site and receive an email when the course is open for registration.

At the checkout screen, you can apply promo code d61sampsoid to let them know I've sent you their way. This really helps me out.

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My iRating career growth

If you're wondering whether of not this is worth it, check out my iRating. The red line shows when I signed up to Driver61, on 17th August 2020. My iRating improved quickly and consistently. I would not recommend something if I had not personally had experience and success with it first.